Temca offers solutions for creating, designing, manufacturing, modifying and repairing parts & systems made from reinforced plastic materials.

Our ISO 9001 competences in modeling, molding, hand spray, RTM injection, coating and machining are focused on the GRP composite business. We have satisfied our customers' quality, cost and delivery requirements for the past 40 years.
Our technicians will propose the material and process solution best suited for your application.

We combine the design, size, color and aspect possibilities of composite materials with their mechanical, chemical, anti-corrosion and fire-rated characteristics to efficiently transform your idea into a real-life application.

Our factory in eastern France serves industrial customers, designers and development engineers in various application areas such as urban furniture, special vehicles and, design and industrial applications

We invite you to visit our website (currently available in French only) and contact us to tell us more about your ideas and needs.
142xTel 33 (0) 329 360 426 - info@temca.fr